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IDX 2019 wrap-up: Making markets fairer, safer and more stable

Release date: 06 Jun 2019 | Eurex Clearing, Eurex Exchange, Eurex Group

IDX 2019 wrap-up: Making markets fairer, safer and more stable

From market structures to central clearing to ESG: the agenda of FIA’s International Derivatives Expo (IDX) 2019, which took place from 4 to 5 June at The Brewery in London, was packed with topics catching the attention of the industry.

On Tuesday, besides Brexit and the role of Asia, new market models were discussed at the Exchange Leaders panel. “With our market structure roadmap, we aim at strengthening the fairness in the price discovery process,” Eurex CEO Thomas Book explained. As investment behavior and regulation change, we review our market models to best support regulatory effort and our clients.  “We enhance our market models to attract as much diversified flow as possible into our main tool, the central limit order book.” Part of our new market models are Passive Liquidity Protection and our selective RfQ platform Eurex EnLight.

The first day concluded with discussions and networking at the traditional evening reception, which was hosted by Eurex under the motto “Summer Garden Party” in the courtyard of The Brewery.

IDX London 2019Zoom

Erik Müller, CEO of Eurex Clearing, discusses incentives to clear at IDX 2019.

The tenth anniversary of the G20 Pittsburgh agreement on market reform approaches. Eurex Clearing CEO Erik Müller joined a discussion on incentives for clearing on Wednesday. He underlined the role of CCPs in making markets safer and more stable. The panel also discussed new clearing models. “We have come up with a direct access model which we call ISA Direct,” Erik Müller explained. ISA Direct combines elements of a direct clearing membership and the traditional service relationship in client clearing – tailored specifically for the buy side.

On the same day, Lee Bartholomew discussed how futures can help with the transition away from Libor, Vassilis Vergotis joined a panel on the impact of ESG issues on listed derivatives and Jens Quiram talked about the future of FX.

For Eurex, the day ended with the Eurex Debates, during which three different topics were discussed on three different roundtables – all in one hour. IDX participants engaged in lively discussions with experts from Eurex and the industry on ESG, the IBOR reform and market structures.

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