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Eurex reaches global pole position

Release date: 29 Jan 2019 | Eurex Exchange, Eurex Clearing

Eurex reaches global pole position

Eurex is the world‘s largest derivatives exchange based on Open Interest. In 2018, Open Interest rose by 18 percent to 120,467,829 contracts. According to the Futures Industry Association (FIA), this puts Eurex in the pole position. It underlines the success of Eurex‘s buy side initiatives. Asset managers, pension funds and others tend to hold their risk positions, thus increasing Open Interest at Eurex.

Also overall, the derivatives industry did well. The FIA statistics show record activity in 2018. According to the association, the number of futures and options that changed hands on exchanges around the world rose 20.2 percent to 30.28 billion contracts, an all-time record. Futures volume rose 15.6 percent to 17.15 billion contracts, while options volume rose 26.8 percent to 13.13 billion contracts.

"The rapid growth in derivatives trading on exchanges around the world highlights the value that these products continue to provide for end-users and investors," said FIA President and CEO Walt Lukken.