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Euro Fixed Income Futures: Definition of reporting and position limits for March 2020

Release date: 10 Feb 2020 | Eurex Exchange

009/2020 Euro Fixed Income Futures: Definition of reporting and position limits for March 2020

Eurex Circular 009/20

1.    Introduction

Position limits apply only to long positions in the front month contracts of the products concerned. Reporting limits will be valid from 28 February 2020 after close of trading until 3 March 2020 after close of trading.

Position limits will be valid from 4 March 2020, start of trading, until expiration of the March contract on 6 March 2020. Long positions in March 2020 contracts must therefore be within the prescribed limits at start of trading on 4 March 2020. 

The measure taken by Eurex Deutschland is based on § 14 Paragraph 1 of the Exchange Rules of Eurex Deutschland (Eurex Exchange Rules). The limits will constantly be monitored intraday by the Trading Surveillance Office of Eurex Deutschland. 

2.    Required action

In case the position limits have been exceeded, Exchange Participants are obliged according to § 14 Paragraph 5 of the Eurex Exchange Rules to submit a list of long positions in the Eurex C7 Clearing GUI including clear names of the customers to 

Immediate position adjustments should be made by using the Trade Adjustment function (Open/Close Adjustment) instead of the Position Close-Out, in order to avoid such transactions being subject to late closing fees.

If the position limits are exceeded, the respective Participants will be requested by Eurex Deutschland to specify a Eurex user ID which can be used by Eurex Deutschland to undo the exceeding of the position limits.

3.    Details

The reporting and position limits for the March 2020 contracts in the Euro Fixed Income Futures were set as follows:

Contract name


Position limits

Euro-Buxl®-Futures (FGBX)


30,000 contracts

Euro-Bund-Futures (FGBL)


60,000 contracts

Euro-Bobl-Futures (FGBM)


55,000 contracts

Euro-Schatz-Futures (FGBS)


45,000 contracts

Long-Term Euro-BTP-Futures (FBTP)


60,000 contracts

Mid-Term Euro-BTP-Futures (FBTM)


45,000 contracts

Short-Term Euro-BTP-Futures (FBTS)


45,000 contracts

Euro-OAT-Futures (FOAT)


60,000 contracts

Mid-Term-Euro-OAT-Futures (FOAM)


45,000 contracts

Euro-Bono-Futures (FBON)


45,000 contracts

Further information

Recipients:All Trading Participants of Eurex Deutschland and Vendors
Target groups:Front Office/Trading, Middle + Backoffice, IT/System Administration, Auditing/Security Coordination

Davide Masi, Product R&D Fixed Income, T +44-207 8 62-72 67,;
Jutta Frey-Hartenberger, Product R&D Fixed Income, T +49-69-211-1 49 88,

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Authorised by:Michael Peters