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Eurex EnLight: Certification Test – Process description

Release date: 13 Mar 2019 | Eurex Clearing

No. 026/2019 Eurex EnLight: Certification Test – Process description

As announced in Eurex Clearing circular 020/19, effective 2 May 2019, Eurex Exchange will amend the Liquidity Provider (LP) Framework by adding a new Eurex EnLight building block (EBB). All Eurex liquidity providers who have passed the Eurex EnLight Certification Test are eligible for this building block. 

When fulfilling the EBB, liquidity providers can increase their Off-Book rebate levels for Eurex EnLight transactions and keep their current T7 Entry Service (TES) rebate levels. If the EBB is not fulfilled, liquidity providers will receive less liquidity provider rebates on their TES volume compared to today. If liquidity providers do not pass the Eurex EnLight Certification Test, Eurex Exchange will not measure the EBB for the respective liquidity provider, leading to the same result as if the EBB had not been fulfilled. Details can be found in Eurex Clearing circular 020/19.

This circular provides an overview about the details of the Certification Test and the relevant contact persons.

If you are a liquidity provider receiving liquidity provider rebates on your TES volume with Eurex Exchange today, we recommend to contact your respective Key Account Manager to conduct the Eurex EnLight Certification Test in order to create the basis to participate in Eurex EnLight liquidity provider rebate schemes/programmes in the future and to keep your current TES liquidity provider rebate levels.

The Eurex EnLight Certification Test can be passed from 1 April 2019.

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