Could slow be the better speed?

Change in speed? Eurex's board member Randolf Roth shares his view on how speed differentiation can increase fairness, efficiency and robustness of markets in an article for Börsen-Zeitung.

Eurex welcomes Swiss Life as direct clearing member

Eurex Clearing’s ISA Direct – a direct clearing membership for the buy side – gains traction

BNY Mellon now live with cleared securities lending for clients

BNY Mellon has become the first agent lender to centrally clear a securities lending transaction on behalf of a buy-side client through our Lending CCP platform.


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million euro of Open Interest in Eurex's ESG Derivatives

A globally operating commodities exchange


The Leipzig-based European Energy Exchange (EEX) is one of Deutsche Börse’s strongest growth drivers. Over the last years its turnover has multiplied, partly thanks to acquisitions. Peter Reitz, CEO of the energy exchange that has grown its business both geographically and by products offered, is certain that the high growth rates of the past can be maintained.

Buy side goes Total Return Futures

Megan Morgan, Head of Equity & Index Sales at Eurex

Eurex’s Total Return Futures (TRF) are in the middle of their next phase of growth. After the TRF launch, the exchange initially saw mainly dealer-driven flow.

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Marcus Addison on default management auctions

Marcus Addison, Head of Default Management at Eurex Clearing

What makes a successful auction and how is it conducted? Marcus Addison, Head of Default Management at Eurex Clearing, explains the important details.

Video: Changing clearing market structure

Over the last couple of years, Eurex Clearing worked on evolving today’s clearing market structure to make clearing more efficient and the overall market more resilient. In our video, Eurex Clearing board member Matthias Graulich walks us through the recent developments.