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Eurex EnLight

Eurex EnLight

The selective RFQ platform will help Eurex Trading Participants to meet the best execution challenge.

With the MiFID II regulation there is an increased requirement on investment firms to prove Best Execution. Eurex provide its Trading Participants an electronic, RFQ service, which is our solution to help Trading Participants to meet this challenge. For this purpose, the T7 system has been enhanced with a RFQ service to negotiate off-book transactions electronically. Aimed are both Brokers and Market Makers in fixed income options for the initial release, the service helps to provide all necessary data to prove Best Execution, while also streamlining the current voice driven market. For more detailed information related to Eurex EnLight, please visit: > Trading > Eurex EnLight.

New Features and Enhancements / Participation requirements

Eurex EnLight SMART Trading Capabilities

Eurex Exchange will introduce the EnLight SMART Request for Quote (RfQ) with T7 Release 8.1 on Monday, 29 June 2020. The SMART trading capabilities will allow Eurex EnLight customers to use exchange data to assist brokers and traders in targeting those trading participants most likely to have an interest in a specific RfQ. This will increase the probability of tighter spreads and better pricing outcomes for the end client or risk desk.

Eurex EnLight participants who want to be included as potential Eurex EnLight SMART respondents need to be assigned by their Admin user in the Admin GUI to the Eurex EnLight SMART Respondent Assignment list. Please keep in mind that the rankings and statistics of all users in a user group will be consolidated. Respondents who want to be included in these calculations will have to sign up and confirm/consent to the use of their data.

Eurex EnLight Anonymous Requests and Responses 

Furthermore, Eurex will provide the possibility to negotiate deals and make trades via Eurex EnLight without disclosing the identity of the requester and of the respondents. The Eurex EnLight anonymous negotiation will offer a new means of negotiation for requesters that are sensitive to inventory tracking or simply wish to remain anonymous. Anonymous negotiation will not be required; requesters will be able to choose in a case by case decision, if they want to be anonymous.

For further details please refer to the T7 Release 8.1 Preliminary Release Notes. If you have any questions or require further information, please contact us at

Eurex EnLight tutorial

Need some guidance on how to use Eurex EnLight on our T7 GUI? Our experts explain how to initiate, negotiate and respond to RFQs and more in the videos below.

ISV Prime news

We are proud to announce the first two ISV Prime members who have been rewarded for their efforts implementing optional features or services for Eurex EnLight: FIS Front Arena and Vela.


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The trading system is currently experiencing technical issues

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