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Privacy/Data Protection Information concerning utilisation of the Eurex Mobile App and the internet pages

Privacy/Data Protection Information concerning utilisation of the Eurex Mobile App and the internet pages

Eurex Frankfurt AG appreciates the importance of personal data. As with all our business processes, the protection of your privacy when processing personal data is an important concern to which we pay special attention. Personal data are collected, processed and used in accordance with those national data protection regulations of the country in which the responsible company (data controller) is located. We therefore wish to provide you with information as to which of your personal data we collect and for which purposes these data shall be used with this document.

The privacy/data protection information in the following Section A refer to your use of our App, while the privacy/data protection information in the following Section B refer to your use of our internet pages. The following Section C contains joint regulations related to the use of our App and our Internet pages.

Since amendments of the law may require the adjustment of this privacy/data protection information, we would ask you to consult this privacy/data protection information at regular intervals. This privacy/data protection information is accessible to you at any time on the App and on our internet pages.

According to the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), personal data is defined as information that may be used to draw conclusions in respect to your person, i.e. information on your personal situation or factual/material circumstances.

Section A: Privacy/Data Protection Information concerning the utilisation of our App

Please note that the websites of Eurex Frankfurt AG may include, however, links to other third party websites, which are not covered by this privacy policy.

1. Data collection and processing

You shall be able to use a large part of our App services without having to disclose your identity, i.e. without us collecting any of your personal data. However, if you register for our personalized services - Watchlist or Alerts - we shall ask you for your e-mail address and for the specification of a password to be determined by you. Mandatory fields that need to be filled out and completed correspondingly will be clearly marked, making it transparent for you at all times which data you are required to enter and which of these will be stored in order to use the services Watchlist or Alerts. Following the completion of your registration, we will send you a confirmation e-mail. Only after your confirmation of this e-mail will we use and process the data you provided; otherwise, the respective data will be deleted again after a short period of time. If you wish to unsubscribe to this service at a later point in time, your personal data will be deleted again. Eurex Frankfurt AG will not transfer any of your data to non-EU countries without your explicit consent. We shall only collect your IP address in a shortened form (including during the registration process), so that it will not be possible to relate this address to you personally.

In association with the retrieval of information requested by you, data will be stored on our servers - following your registration for Watchlist or Alerts - to provide the respective services (especially for storing offers/services marked by you as interesting), which possibly may permit personal identification (such as date, time, pages visited and the IP address in shortened form). This information will be deleted, provided its storage is no longer required.

2. User behaviour

Any evaluation of your personal user behaviour will not take place in relation to the App. The right to statistical evaluation of pseudonymized or anonymized data relating to your user behaviour shall remain reserved. Such information may be stored for system safety reasons (for the prevention of abuse) in the case of IP logs, for purposes of enhancing the services offered and for statistical purposes (number of users and page retrievals). You are entitled to object to any pseudonymous profiling in respect to your user behaviour (please refer to the possibility to file an objection, Section C no. 3 below).

Any processing and use of personal data in relation to your user behaviour will only take place if you have explicitly agreed to this type of utilization. For this, we would obtain your consent separately for any such purpose outside of this Privacy Policy. Without such consent, your data will not be used, for instance for advertising purposes.

Should we obtain the separate consent from you, you are entitled to withdraw this consent at any time by sending an e-mail to In the event of this case the respective service offered may no longer be available.

We also do not create any personal user profiles. General information such as when which page was retrieved or which page was visited most frequently will be logged. However, this data does not enable any conclusions about the user, rather they are stored anonymously or under a pseudonym unless you object to this procedure (please refer to Section C no. 3). A merger of data regarding the bearer of a pseudonym will not take place.

3. Transfer of data to third parties

Due to statutory requirements, we shall be entitled to transfer your personal data to third parties in certain cases. This will be the case, for instance, if there is a suspicion of a criminal offence or the abuse of our services offered in this App. In this event, we shall be entitled to transfer your personal data to the criminal prosecution authority. Otherwise, your personal data will be stored exclusively in our database and on our servers, or on those of our commissioned data processing providers, unless you were notified that the respective personal data is shared with other companies such as cooperation or advertising partners on condition that you explicitly agreed to such transfers of your personal data.

4. Webtrekk web analysis service

In order to improve the quality and to ensure a user-friendly design of our offered services, we make use of “Webtrekk” from the company Webtrekk GmbH. “Webtrekk” is a statistics programme, through which the company Webtrekk GmbH records the use of our App by users on an anonymized basis. Webtrekk GmbH acts as our commissioned data processing provider. The web analysis service of Webtrekk GmbH has been verified in terms of data safety and is certified by the Technical Control Board (TÜV). The use of “Webtrekk” enables us to receive user behaviour analysis. As a result, we are able to enhance our services and adapt individually adapt them to user requestsWe also make use of so-called cookies, i.e. small files stored on your device. The cookies are not assignable to any certain or identifiable person. Profiles capable of being related to an individual person in respect to your user behaviour will not be created. You are entitled to raise an objection to the collection of pseudonymous data by Webtrekk or cookies pursuant to Section no. 3 below.

Most of the cookies used are so-called “Session Cookies”, which are stored on a temporary basis, exclusively for the duration of your utilization of the App. On the other hand, we also make use of “Permanent Cookies” to record information about visitors who repeatedly access one of our servers via the App. The content of a permanent cookie is limited to an identification number. Your full IP address or other personal data will not be stored. We and our statistical service provider, Webtrekk GmbH, only store your IP address in a shortened (anonymized) form and use it for identification of the session, so that the collected data will be anonymous and allocation to the identity of an individual user is not possible. The shortened IP address will then be deleted without delay as soon as it is no longer required. You are entitled to raise an objection against the pseudonymous collection and processing of your data through cookies (see Section C no. 3 below).

Section B: Privacy/Data Protection Information concerning the utilisation of our internet pages

Please note that the internet pages of Eurex Frankfurt AG may contain links to the websites of other providers, to which this privacy/data protection information does not extend.

1. Collection and processing of personal data

When you visit our internet pages, our web servers will only store the shortened address of your internet service provider (i.e. the shortened IP address), the name of the website from where you visit us, our websites that you retrieve, the used web browser type and the date and duration of your visit. Any relation to an individual person is not established due to the shortened IP address. We will only require other personal data such as name, address, telephone number or e-mail address if you wish to make direct contact with us, register for a newsletter or a closed user group. Which data is collected in the various entry masks depends on the individual entry fields. Mandatory information fields will be marked accordingly. All other information shall be voluntary.

2. Withdrawal notice in relation to data storage

Pursuant to § 15 Section 3 of the German Telemedia Act, website visitors are entitled to object to the storage of their visitor data, so that this data will no longer be recorded on this website in the future. If you object to the data storage, a cookie called “webtrekkOptOut” will be placed by the domain for purposes of exemption from the web controlling process. Technically, the withdrawal notice will remain effective until the aforementioned cookie is deleted.

3. Use, disclosure of personal data and specification of purpose

We will ensure your privacy and will not disclose your personal data to third parties except such disclosure is permitted by law or has been explicitly agreed upon by you. It may be necessary for us to disclose your personal data to other entities within the Deutsche Börse Group in order to fulfil our legal obligations undertaken by us in your favour. We will under no circumstances sell your personal data to third parties. This privacy policy refers to all your personal data regardless of whether they are collected in the course of your use of our website or with your prior consent. We only use your data for internal, statistical purposes , to answer an inquiry or to provide a requested service.
We will not disclose your personal data to governmental authorities except in cases where it is required by the effective financial laws, for example but not limited to Stock Exchange Act (Börsengesetz) or Securities Trading Act (Wertpapierhandelsgesetz).

4. Use, disclosure of personal data and processing of additional data

In certain circumstances, the advertising published on the websites of Eurex Frankfurt AG may place small files – so-called cookies – on your computer, in order to adjust advertising for products and services based on your individual interests. These cookies collect data on the utilization of the websites in anonymized form and do not permit the drawing of conclusions in respect to your person.
If you do not wish to have your anonymous information linked to visits of the corresponding pages, you are entitled to inactivate the cookie option in your browser. Please refer to the specifications of your browser producer. Further information on how to change your browser setting can be found here:

Section C: Joint regulations for the utilisation of our App and internet pages

1. Data safety

Eurex Frankfurt AG employs technical and organizational safety measures in order to protect your data against manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorized persons. The safety measures are enhanced continuously in accordance with the latest technological developments. We would like to point out, however, that due to the structure of the Internet there is a possibility that data protection regulations and the aforementioned safety measures may not be observed by other persons or institutions outside of our scope of responsibility. In particular, data disclosed without encryption – including cases where such disclosure takes place by e-mail – may also be read by third parties. We have no technical influence on such incidents. It is the user’s responsibility to protect the data made available by him/her against abuse through encryption or otherwise.

2. Right to information, public index of procedures and other rights

Upon request, we as Eurex Frankfurt AG, will provide you with written information according to applicable law on whether if any and if so which of your personal data and pseudonyms we have stored. Should incorrect information be stored despite our effort to ensure correctness and up-to-dateness of the data, we shall correct this data upon your request.
If you have any questions or comments concerning data protection at Eurex Frankfurt AG, please contact:

Nina Poppinga

Eurex Frankfurt AG | Data Protection Officer
Data Protection

60485 Frankfurt


3. Right of objection and withdrawal of consent

You shall be entitled to object at any time to the use of data collected under pseudonyms (i.e. without relation to an individual person), which allow for the creation of pseudonymous user profiles (see § 15 Section 3 of the German Telemedia Act).
Should you have provided your consent to the collection, storage, processing or other utilization of your personal data by Eurex Frankfurt AG in another context, you are entitled at any time to withdraw this consent with effect for the future. If necessary, please send your correspondence to the address mentioned above (Section C no. 2). As soon as you withdraw your consent, we shall delete your personal data. Where deletion does not come into consideration (cf. § 35 Section 3 of the Federal Data Protection Act / BDSG), the deletion will be replaced with the blocking of your personal data.

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