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Growth in volumes across the entire Euro curve

Release date: 17 Dec 2018 | Eurex Exchange, Eurex Clearing

Growth in volumes across the entire Euro curve

Towards the end of the year, we take a look at our Fixed Income segment. Philip Simons shares his views on major milestones and the next steps.

Phil, we are approaching the end of year. How did business in the fixed income space evolve?

It did great! Obviously, one major focus was to develop liquidity in the over-the-counter (OTC) Interest Rate Derivatives segment, and we are very pleased with the outcome. Initially, we targeted the Forward Rate Agreement market with our Partnership Program to demonstrate that we have support of the Dealer-to-Dealer community and that we can take on significant market share. And we succeeded, our market share grew constantly and now we are seeing significant growth in volumes across the entire Euro curve.

What comes next?

The second step is to attract more of the buy-side. As an important part of this undertaking, we worked on streamlining our onboarding process and our account structure and are now good to go. This allows us and our members to onboard clients very quickly and efficiently.

Looking ahead to 2019, what are your priorities?

We continue to ensure that we have deep liquidity in all EUR-denominated products, price quotes are very competitive with the same bid-offer as other CCPs, and we will focus on extending our product suite and helping our clients increse operational efficiencies. We will relaunch inflation swaps as there is demand from the buy side, and we will work with the major dealer banks to strengthen liquidity in the other currencies we clear.