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Face to face with Simona Simon

Release date: 08 Jul 2016 | Eurex Exchange

Face to face with Simona Simon

Mrs. Simon, how long have you been with Eurex Exchange and what did you do before you joined our company?
I started with Eurex in December 2000, so a very long time ago. First, I was working in Market Supervision Trading and changed in 2005 to Business Development which over the years turned into Sales.

I graduated in law at the J.W. Goethe University in Frankfurt and worked as a junior lawyer in different jurisdictions, amongst others in a law firm in San Francisco. After completing my second state examination, I became a lawyer and worked in a Frankfurt-based law practice and then in a medium-sized company where I focused on IT/IT-law. This is where I came into contact with Deutsche Börse/Eurex and rather suddenly started working there. Whilst becoming increasingly experienced in exchange trading, I aimed to educate myself in this area and in parallel to my job completed a 2-year MBA.

What is your personal background at Eurex?
When I joined Eurex I started working on the trading side in Market Supervision. After 4 years, during which I dived very deeply into all relevant trading activities and completed my MBA, I wanted to work more closely with exchange users and moved in 2005 to Business Development/Sales where I was in charge of Eurex´s German and Austrian clients, the sales implementation of Market Making and expansion strategy into new markets, namely CEE.

Which products or sector are you responsible for?
During the latest sales team reorganisation into Equity/Index and Fixed Income, I moved to the Global Sales Equity/Index team in Frankfurt in charge of Eurex´s Dividend segment. I enjoy returning to the Equity/Index world, after having worked for a long time in Fixed Income.

What are your current tasks?
As Sales Manager looking after the Dividend segment, I focus on achieving increased market activity and turnover and on acquiring additional participants in this area. This asset class has developed consistently since its launch in 2008, yet, as a relatively new segment, there is certainly additional traction to be obtained. In close cooperation with colleagues from Product Development, we are thinking of new ways in which we can achieve this.

In addition, I am permanently in touch with clients, selling new products and initiatives and performing customer relationship management tasks.

What are your favorite activities besides working for Eurex?
Spending time with my family is my favorite activity. Together with my son Simon and my husband Jonathan, we often go hiking, biking, to the theater, etc. Traveling is, of course, also a highlight. I am also very fond of going to concerts and the opera. More than one year ago, I started to tap dance again—a hobby I used to be addicted to after finishing school. That is great fun and highly recommendable as you can combine listening to jazz music and tapping along.

Thank you, Mrs. Simon