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Eurex: Global sponsor of Opalesque Roundtables. Also in 2013

Release date: 30 Jan 2013 | Eurex Exchange

Eurex: Global sponsor of Opalesque Roundtables. Also in 2013

Eurex will be global sponsor of the Opalesque Roundtables 2013 worldwide in 30 destinations in Europe, Asia, Middle East to the US and South America.

The Roundtables are panel discussions with select industry players . Each Roundtable is specific to a region and the discussion focuses on what’s important to that region. Participants at Opalesque Roundtables include some of the world's largest hedge fund investors, large pension funds, super annuation funds, large fund of funds as well as leading hedge funds.
Participants discuss topics such as, strategies/investments, development of investment opportunities. Outlook for specific fund/strategies, new products, evolution of the hedge fund industry in the region. Investment flows into the specific region, optimization of portfolio allocation, challenges and risks in the market, trends and developments in the industry. Eurex contributes input from the exchange’s point of view regarding trading, clearing and market data.
The mission of each Roundtable is to bring together some of the brightest minds and best ideas from the respective alternative asset management community or region where the Roundtable is held.
With the Roundtables a "catalog of intelligence" with in-depth reports from the leading financial and asset management centers was established. Each Roundtable is unique, because it is a live interaction of five to eight highly qualified experts - the meeting basically becomes a think-tank. The concept of examining both the hedge fund (sell-side) and the investor community (buy-side) of each jurisdiction makes the Opalesque Roundtables so unique and helpful for all reader groups.

The content of each Roundtable dicussion will be published afterwards as script worldwide. Opalesque is read by 50,000 readers in 170 countries.